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BIC Promo Pens Earns A+ Status with Better Business Bureau

Offering a wide assortment of custom imprinted logo pens to its customers for over three decades, BIC Promo Pens prides itself in delivering world class customer service to each and every one of its customers. It is with this strong philosophy at heart that BIC Promo Pens has been awarded with the distinguished honor of an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. A division of Masal Advertising & Printing, BIC Promo Pens is proud to have been in business since 1976, selling over one billion promotional pens over the course of its 37-year history. With millions of BIC advertising...

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Accountants Find Giving BIC Promotional Pens to Clients Very Beneficial

BIC Promo Pens, the trusted source for custom advertising pens in North America, recognizes the importance of ensuring that customers feels appreciated. With tax deadlines right around the corner, accountants and bookkeepers may be in a panic to get their work done in time for their clients. When delivering the final tax submission package, tax professionals are encouraged to include an extra special something for their customers. And a custom-branded promotional pen makes for a fantastic option. When customers ask an independent accountant or even a larger accounting firm to help complete their income tax returns, they are trusting them...

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BIC Promo Pens Now Selling BIC Promotional Lighters

BIC Promo Pens, the preferred source for logo-imprinted BIC pens in the United States and Canada, extends its product selection beyond its wide range of promotional and logo pens to include the iconic BIC lighter. Suitable for a wide range of marketing and advertising purposes, the promotional lighter can really provide an added spark to any company's marketing efforts. Customized BIC promotional lighters are an excellent solution for a wide range of businesses. In restaurants or bars where smoking is permissible can highly benefit from taking the extra step of providing a logo-imprinted lighter to their customers, rather than simply...

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BIC Promotional Pens Now Offers BIC ECO Friendly Promotional Pens

BIC Promo Pens is proud to include one of the largest selections of promotional pens from BIC available on the market today, including classic Round Stic Pens and even BIC pencils, but it also recognizes the impact that the promotional industry can have on the environment. Working to reduce this impact, BIC Promo Pens has gladly added the BIC Ecolutions series of pens to its lineup. With a strong dedication to ethical and sustainable business practices, BIC Promo Pens offers a number of eco-friendly BIC pens from the BIC Ecolutions series. This product range has been designed with environmental advantages...

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Businesses Make Their Mark with BIC Promotional Mark-It Retractable Permanent Markers

bicpromopens.com, the premier source for logo pens and advertising pens and pencils in the United States and Canada, is helping companies make their mark with the BIC Promotional Mark-It Retractable Permanent Marker as part of its line of custom-branded advertising pens. No matter what type of writing instruments a person uses every day, permanent markers are still a must have in everyone’s stationary supplies. Permanent markers used to be bulky and inexact, and filled with noxious ink that was only able to permanently write on a few types of surfaces. Modern permanent markers are streamlined and handy, with a wide...

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  • Adobe Illustrator (8.0 - CS) .EPS or .AI files
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  • Corel Draw Files

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Do not worry send us your artwork anyways as we have group of very talented designers that will work with you every step of the way to insure that you are satisfied with your design and layout for a very small fee. We offer unlimited revisions and digital proofs for your review. We will not print anything until you give us your final approval.