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BIC Promo Pens Works to Help Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Get Noticed at The National Car Trade Show

BIC Promo Pens, a leading source of all advertisingpens and custom logo pens in Canada and the United States, has worked with thousands of companies across the country to help them increase brand awareness and customer loyalty with a range of BIC personalized pens. This is particularly effective at large trade shows for any number of different industries. At the 2013 National Car Show in Detroit, vendors like BMW, Mercedes & Lexus were giving away BIC Promotional Pens with their logos on them to everyone who came to their booth. The introduction of several different BIC writing instruments from BIC...

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Over 400 Different Color Combinations from BIC Promo Pens

BIC Promo Pens, the premier source for all logo pens and advertising pens and pencils in the United States and Canada, is proud to offer the BIC Clic Sticpromotional pens that can be fully customized with hundreds of different color combinations. It is the most popular retractable pen in the entire collection of BIC pens. Advertisers who want to stand out from the competition recognize the importance of strong branding and in product differentiation. The BIC Clic Stic Pens series of promotional pens from BIC Promo Pens addresses this highly desirable need for a high level of customization and brand...

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Fast and Low Cost Hotel Logo Pens Ready to Ship Anywhere Across the Country from BIC Promo Pens

here are several creature comforts that all guest expect to receive when they check into a room at hotel, motel, resort or other vacation rental property. They expect to find fresh sheets on the beds, fresh towels on the racks, and the all important pen and paper waiting for them on the bedside table. BIC Promo Pens is prepared to address that last need with a huge assortment of BIC promotional pens that can be custom imprinted with the hotel's name and logo. BIC Promo Pens, the recognized leader in supplying high quality BIC pens with custom advertising and imprinting,...

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Get Ready for Mother's Day Sale with Custom Logo Pens from BIC Promo Pens

To help celebrate the extra special day on May 12 this year, BIC Promo Pens is offering fantastic promotional pens specials that are just in time for Mother's Day. Now is the time to order for all the chocolatiers, florists, greeting card stores, and gift shops across the country, as custom-branded logo pens from BIC Promo Pens make a perfect accompaniment to any number of Mother's Day presents.Giving customers the opportunity to show their extra appreciation for the extra special women in their lives, custom logo pens can be imprinted with the logo or the company information of the store....

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BIC Promo Pens Launches The New 2-in-1 Stylus Promotional Pens

BIC Promo Pens, North America's trusted source for high quality advertising pens, is proud to offer the uniquely adaptable BIC 2-1 Stylus promotional pens as part of its growing selection of custom logo-imprinted writing instruments and stationery products. It serves three purposes: as a quality ballpoint pen, as a touchscreen stylus, and as a highly prized marketing tool. Smartphones and tablets have very much become an integral part of the daily lives for people from all walks of life, including both corporate types who work in highrise offices and homemakers in need of better grocery list management. While the touchscreen...

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