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BIC Promo Pens Now Selling BIC Promotional Lighters

BIC Promo Pens, the preferred source for logo-imprinted BIC pens in the United States and Canada, extends its product selection beyond its wide range of promotional and logo pens to include the iconic BIC lighter. Suitable for a wide range of marketing and advertising purposes, the promotional lighter can really provide an added spark to any company's marketing efforts.

Customized BIC promotional lighters are an excellent solution for a wide range of businesses. In restaurants or bars where smoking is permissible can highly benefit from taking the extra step of providing a logo-imprinted lighter to their customers, rather than simply giving them a generic book of matches. The lighter is far more functional and will last far longer, as the high quality BIC lighters have been rated for up to 3,000 ignitions each.

Gas stations, convenience stores and other retail outlets that normally carry lighters as part of their regular product inventory can also benefit from ordering their own BIC lighters, as the custom branding will remind their customers to return to the same shop. The lighters can also be used as souvenirs or novelty items at gifts shops around the country, fulfilling a need for tourists on their travels.

Just like the range of logo pens and advertising pens offered by BIC Promo Pens, the custom BIC lighters can also be customized with imprint text or logos at no additional charge. Up to three lines of text can be included as part of the imprint in a choice of seventeen different colors. The lighter body itself is available in eight different colors, resulting a number of different color combinations. All lighters are also equipped with the patented BIC Child Guard System. Pricing starts as low as $1.26 each.

For more information on customizable BIC promotional lighters, as well as all other BIC promotional pen products, call 1-888-844-7367 or order online at bicpromopens.com.

About BIC Promo Pens:
BIC Promo Pens has been providing BIC promotional pens for over 35 years and has helped over 300,000 customers increase brand awareness and customer loyalty through their high quality products. BIC Promo Pens offers the lowest prices on all its BIC promotional pens and pencils, including free UPS ground shipping on all BIC pens orders.

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