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Now Have Your Promotional Pens Delivered within 48 Hours with bicpromopens.com

bicpromopens.com, the premier source for logo pens and advertising pens and pencils in the United States, is proud to now offer 48 hour delivery on selected BIC customized advertising pens to any state and city within the United States, and includes free shipping.

The reality of today’s economy means there is more competition for gaining new clients, as well as for retaining existing ones. So it is critical for companies to find quick and effective ways to reach out to these clients that will help the organization stand out from its competitors, while staying within their budget. A fast and inexpensive way to accomplish this is to order business pens branded with the company’s logo, name and contact information. Pens put a physical reminder of the company that gave it to a client into their hands, one that they will most likely hold onto and use rather than just take a cursory look at before throwing it away.

Need promotional pens in a hurry for a client event? A marketing mailer? A trade show? bicpromopens.com is proud to now offer our clients free 48 hour delivery on advertising pen orders to any city in the United States. And best of all, this service comes at no extra cost.

bicpromopens.com has a wide selection of quality BIC products that can be ordered, customized and shipped within 48 hours, including the BIC Stic, Media Clic, Wide Body, Grip Roller, the classic 4 colour, and elegant Carbon Fiber Twist models. Starting as low as $0.31 per unit, these pens come in a variety of styles and colors, with pull cap, retractable or twist mechanisms, and are constructed with materials such as recycled plastic, satin chrome, nickel, carbon fiber and rubber grips for easier use. With ball point, roller ball or stylus tips, BIC advertising pens are completely customizable on the barrel and, on some models, on the handy pocket clip. Logos and information are laser engraved on metal pens, while plastic pens can be imprinted in a selection of one of seventeen colors. And all of these models can be delivered within 48 hours at no extra charge.

For more information on how bicpromopens.com can deliver quality customized business pens to clients within the United States with 48 hours at no extra cost, call 1-888-844-7367 or order online at bicpromopens.com.

About bicpromopens.com:
In business for more than 35 years, bicpromopens.com has helped more than 300,000 clients increase brand awareness and customer loyalty through their high-quality products. bicpromopens.com offers the lowest prices on all its BIC promotional pens and pencils, and includes free UPS ground shipping on all its BIC pens orders.

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Acceptable File Types

  • Adobe Illustrator (8.0 - CS) .EPS or .AI files
    *These two file types are highly preferred.
  • Corel Draw Files

Don’t have an Acceptable File Type:

Please email us your artwork at: art@bicpromopens.com

Do not worry send us your artwork anyways as we have group of very talented designers that will work with you every step of the way to insure that you are satisfied with your design and layout for a very small fee. We offer unlimited revisions and digital proofs for your review. We will not print anything until you give us your final approval.