Its Your Brand Promote It

BIC pens offer one of the most popular pens in the industry!

If you are looking for an affordable and effective marketing tool you should consider buying some BIC Promotional Pens. At BiC Promo Pens we offer an extensive selection of BIC pens that will keep your company's name at the forefront of customers' minds every day.

We offer the lowest prices on all BIC promotional pens.

BIC Promo Pens has sold over 15 million BIC promotional pens in the last year.

BIC Round Stic pens are reliable pens available in many different colors that are perfect for frequent distributions. The Tri-Sider pen is perfect if you have multiple messages that you want to put onto one pen. We have many different styles and colors to fit your advertising pens need. Let us know and we help tailor a pen to suit the needs of your clients. Browse our selection at to see the many options available to you.

In addition to Round Stic pens and Clic pens, BIC has various other styles available to suit your needs. For example there are contemporary roller pens and gel pens, highlighters and pencils. BIC also offers distinct and unique promotional pens such as the swivel pen ergonomically designed pen that uses gel ink. BIC Body Action pens have a wider base than standard pens and include a soft rubber grip, letting these pens stand out from others. Options offered by BIC allow you to choose a pen that will be memorable and used frequently by your customers.

A more elegant collection for clients in a corporate environment are offered by the BIC Executive Collection of pens. These pens feature gold or chrome plating and are made unique with the laser engraving of your company's name. At, we have the perfect BIC promotional pen to fit your company's marketing needs and budget. By choosing the highly popular BIC pens, your advertising message will be seen time and time again by your customers who will build a positive association with the image you present through your customized pens.

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