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Free 48 Hour Rush Service Offered by BIC Promotional Pens, Prices Starting at 31 Cents

BIC Promo Pens, the preferred source for custom advertising pens in the United States, is proud to provide free 48 hour rush delivery service on select BIC promotional pens, including free rush shipping and no setup or imprint fees. Customers who require company-branded promotional pens in time for an upcoming trade show or public event now have the peace of the mind that they can order their pens and have them delivered in as little as two business days.

In addition to pamphlets, handouts and other marketing materials that companies may have on hand for industry events, it is becoming more important than ever to create a positive interaction with clients, business partners and prospects. The gift of free promotional pens, custom branded with the company's logo and information, at these events can help to solidify the relationship and facilitate the increasingly important positive first impression.

A wide selection of fast BIC promotional pens are available from BIC Promo Pens. BIC has long since been known for creating among the finest quality pens in the industry, but having these high quality pens custom branded with company logos, names, URLs and other pertinent information can help to create the lasting impression that is vital in today's marketplace.

With prices starting as low as $0.31 each, the customizable pens are available in a wide range of colors and styles to suit any business. The classic BIC Style is instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever used a pen and it is available with black, blue, green or red caps. The BIC Round Stic comes in an incredibly wide variety of both trim and barrel colors. Customers can mix and match the 20 available colors to best suit their particular brand. And, as always, the imprint is available with either the company logo or custom text in one of seventeen different colors, all with no additional charge.

For more information on how BIC Promo Pens can deliver customized logo pens to any address in the United States within 48 hours at no extra cost, call 1-888-844-7367 or order online at bicpromopens.com.

About BIC Promo Pens:
BIC Promo Pens has been providing BIC promotional pens for over 35 years and has helped over 300,000 customers increase brand awareness and customer loyalty through their high quality products. BIC Promo Pens offers the lowest prices on all its BIC promotional pens and pencils, including free UPS ground shipping on all BIC pens orders.

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Acceptable File Types

  • Adobe Illustrator (8.0 - CS) .EPS or .AI files
    *These two file types are highly preferred.
  • Corel Draw Files

Don’t have an Acceptable File Type:

Please email us your artwork at: art@bicpromopens.com

Do not worry send us your artwork anyways as we have group of very talented designers that will work with you every step of the way to insure that you are satisfied with your design and layout for a very small fee. We offer unlimited revisions and digital proofs for your review. We will not print anything until you give us your final approval.