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Fast and Low Cost Hotel Logo Pens Ready to Ship Anywhere Across the Country from BIC Promo Pens

here are several creature comforts that all guest expect to receive when they check into a room at hotel, motel, resort or other vacation rental property. They expect to find fresh sheets on the beds, fresh towels on the racks, and the all important pen and paper waiting for them on the bedside table. BIC Promo Pens is prepared to address that last need with a huge assortment of BIC promotional pens that can be custom imprinted with the hotel's name and logo.

BIC Promo Pens, the recognized leader in supplying high quality BIC pens with custom advertising and imprinting, has an exceptional range of personalized pens in its collection. All of the BIC pens can be fully customized with a company logo or a text-based imprint or engraving. It has become an industry standard to have hotel branded pens available at the front desk for signing registration papers and bills, as well as having the pens available in the hotel rooms for guests to take notes regarding their travels in the area.

The BIC Round Stic, available through BIC Promo Pens, is particularly popular as a hotel pen as it features the classic round barrel shape and color cap. Pricing on the BIC Round Stic can be as low as 23 cents per unit with no setup fee, no imprint fee, and no charge for shipping to any address in Canada and the United States.

In addition to the logo or text imprint on the pen, this particular line of BIC pens also offers even greater customization by mixing and matching up to twenty different colors for the barrel and the trim. This makes the BIC Round Stic a very suitable promotional pen for hotels that may employ different color schemes as part of their main branding image. Color choices include black, burgundy, forest green, metallic orange, navy, pink, purple, teal, white, yellow and more. In addition, the text imprint can be done in one of 17 different colors. This results in a multitude of combinations for a truly unique, yet recognizable and trust look.

For more information on how BIC Promo Pens can deliver fully customized BIC hotel pens in as little as 48 hours, call 1-888-844-7367 or order online at bicpromopens.com.

About BIC Promo Pens:
BIC Promo Pens has been providing BIC promotional pens for over 35 years and has helped over 300,000 customers increase brand awareness and customer loyalty through their high quality products. BIC Promo Pens offers the lowest prices on all its BIC promotional pens and pencils, including free UPS ground shipping on all BIC pens orders.

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