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BIC Promo Pens launches new BIC Ecolutions Promotional Pens Line

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 16, 2012

As part of its dedication to protecting natural resources for upcoming generations, BIC Promo Pens has announced it will now be offering the BIC Ecolutions Promotional Pens. Sustainable growth is not just a business opportunity but filters into the areas of the work that so many companies offer in their products, services and purpose. The BIC Eco Pens line offers five different types of custom pens that are made from pre-consumer recycled plastic. This material is taken from plastic parts from manufacturing facilities to be reused and not discarded. This plastic is then broken down and re-used to create the promotional pens that make up the BIC Ecolutions line. Available in four different trim colours from wide body barrels to the round clic stic style, the BIC Ecolutions Promotional Pens are simple, stylish and eco-friendly. They are a great way for businesses to extend their values towards sustainable development by giving customers custom pens that are in line with the mission of the organizations they interact with.

Promotional pens are one of the most effective marketing tools to enhance brand recognition and ensure customers remember a company's name and contact information. They make a great gesture of appreciation for clients to take away and keep with them. In industries where clients sign papers, sign receipts, fill out forms or require a writing instrument, these advertising pens with a custom imprint, logo or text are one of the most cost-effective ways to have clients remember the great service their received. Whether you own a hotel, delivery pizza, work in a bank, run a restaurant, spa, coffee shop or law firm - clients require pens and why not make them ones they can keep and remember the name of the business they interacted with. With so many places where customers are bombarded with advertisements, custom pens are kept by clients, used repeatedly and appreciated.

These advertising pens are not only a promotional tool but are also appreciated by customers because they are useful, practical and become favourite items. Customers keep them, lend them out, and appreciate having them. Promotional pens keep a company's name at a customer's fingertips, never to be forgotten and always to be remembered. The BIC Ecolutions Promotional line offers one unique way in which to promote one's business and be responsible towards the resources in the products being given away - something that is appreciated by the customers who will use them.

To view BIC eco friendly pens please visit: http://www.bicpromopens.com/bic-eco-friendly-pens.html

ABOUT BIC Promo Pens:
BIC Promo Pens has been providing BIC promotional pens for over 35 years and have helped over 300,000 customers increase brand awareness and customer loyalty through their high quality products. BIC Promo Pens can provide your company with quick and easy delivery within 48 hours to any city in the United States at no additional cost. To get more information about BIC Grip Roller promotional pen and other printed promotional pens, please visit the BIC Promo Pens website.

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