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BIC PROMO PENS Launches BIC Ecolutions Promotional Pens

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 14, 2012

BIC Promo Pens, North America’s leading provider of customized advertising pens, is pleased to now include BIC Ecolutions in its line of business pens. BIC Eco pens are PVC-free and made of recycled materials – a responsible and affordable way for companies to reach their clients.

BIC Promo Pens the premier source for logo and advertising pens in the United States and Canada, has now includes the sustainable BIC Ecolutions line in its selection of promotional pens.

Environmental responsibility is paramount for most companies these days, and this is reflected in the advertising products they give to their clients. A free promotional pen is a great way to get a company’s information into their clients’ hands. Choosing a pen that is made from recycled materials is just one way to demonstrate a company’s social responsibility.

BIC Promo Pens now carries the BIC Ecolutions line in its selection of promotional pens, including the BIC Ecolutions Clic Stic, Widebody, Tri Slide, Widebody Grip and Round Stic. These lightweight, long-lasting pens are made from up to 76% pre-consumer recycled materials, using plastic parts from facilities that manufacture automotive part trays. The plastic items are flaked, mixed and melted down to be used to make PVC-free BIC Ecolutions pens. Constructed to the BIC standards that we’ve all come to rely on, the Ecolutions line features long barrels for comfort and ink that can provide up to 2 kilometers of smooth writing.

At a cost of less than $1 per unit, BIC Ecolutions pens can fit into any company’s budget as an easy and affordable way to reach out to clients. Available in a number of eye-catching designs in click or cap designs, each logo pen is completely customizable, with some that can even have a short message imprinted on the pocket clip. Designs allow selection of up to six different colors for the barrel and trim, while imprinting of logos and corporate information is available in up to 17 different ink colors. The recycle symbol can also be printed on these pens at no additional charge. Many of these BIC promotional pens can be customized and delivered to any location in the United States within 48 hours, and all BIC pens orders include free UPS ground shipping.

For more information on how BIC Promo Pens can provide customized BIC Ecolution advertising pens with fast service and free shipping, view all the BIC Ecolution pens here: http://www.bicpromopens.com/bic-eco-friendly-pens.html

About BIC Promo Pens:
In business for more than 35 years, BIC Promo Pens has helped more than 300,000 clients increase brand awareness and customer loyalty through their high-quality products. BIC Promo Pens offers the lowest prices on all its BIC promotional pens, and includes free UPS ground shipping on all its BIC pen orders.

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