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The Best Selling BIC Promotional Pen: The BIC Grip Roller Pen

BIC PROMO PENS, a leading global distributor of customized pens, pencils, and other personalized products, revealed that the BIC Grip Roller pen was the top promotional pen sold to escrow officers, title insurers, mortgage loan officers, and real estate attorneys in 2022. The New York-based company also announced that it is on track to surpass sales of 10 million BIC pens in 2022.

The BIC Grip Roller pen has gained popularity due to its comfort, durability, and style, and has been purchased in record numbers in 2022 by many in the real estate industry, as well as by individuals commemorating weddings, reunions, religious celebrations, and other special events. Like other BIC pen lines, the BIC Grip Roller pen is available in multiple colors with black or blue ink. Its generous 1 1/2" x 5/8" imprinting area on both the barrel and cap allows for flexible customization.

At prices starting as low as $0.99 with no imprint, setup, or logo charges, the BIC Grip Roller Promotional pen is one of the most cost-effective and stylish personalized pens available. The standout feature of the BIC Grip Roller pen and the main reason for its popularity among escrow officers, loan officers, and title insurers is its unique non-slip soft grip. The soft rubber-textured grip provides increased comfort and significantly reduces writing fatigue, making it a preferred choice among professionals who spend long hours writing.

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